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Making a safety plan doesn't have to be overwhelming.


When you’re ready to leave, we’re here to help you figure out the details.


Your safety is our top priority.  When you reach out to us for help in leaving your situation, we’ll help you create a custom escape plan based on your particular needs.


We will address your current risk and how to minimize it.



Your safety plan will provide you with a plan to get you to a life free of violence and will take many things into account including:


•  Preparing to leave

•  Your emotional well-being

•  Protecting yourself/children/pets as you leave

•  Safety if an explosive incident occurs.


You’re not alone. We’re here for you.


If you’re in an abusive relationship or situation, contact us to start building your plan ASAP.

Important tips for ALL victims:


•  Make a list of TRUSTED people you can call for immediate help for things such as child care, a safe place to stay for the night, rides to work, etc.


•  Store important documents like ID’s, Birth Certificates, auto titles, Social Security cards, legal documents and passports in a safe place away from abusive people. 


•  Document or save any evidence of abuse, harassment or victimization.


•  Use safety measures if you are in abusive relationship when using your computer or other technology- Please be aware that using this site and searching for resources may show up in your browser history. If you think your computer or online activity is being monitored, please consider using a public computer for your searches.



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